Ford Police Vehicles

To Protect and Serve

Like the officers who drive them, Ford police vehicles are specialized to meet the needs of the communities they serve - providing law-enforcement agencies of all stripes with the ideal tools to get the job done.

Pulling from nearly 70 years of expertise working alongside law-enforcement professionals, Ford presents its next-generation Police Interceptor Utility as the first-ever pursuit-rated hybrid police SUV. It provides police agencies with improved power and performance, with no trade-offs when it comes to safety or interior passenger/cargo space when compared to the previous-generation vehicle. It's smart for community budgets, too - with significant potential fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions,* potentially fewer fill-ups** and less downtime to keep both vehicles and officers on the road.

*Burning a gallon of E10 ethanol fuel produces about 17.68 pounds of CO2 emitted from the fossil fuel content, according to data provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (**EPA-estimated Combined rating of 24 mpg. Interceptor Utility Standard HEV AWD. Actual mileage will vary.

75-MPH Rear-Impact Crash-Test Rated*

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility continues a tradition of extreme officer protection. It's the only vehicle, worldwide, engineered to meet the 75-mph rear-impact crash test.* Beyond that, the SPACE (Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement) Architecture,® along with structural reinforcement, work to protect officers on the job.

*The full-size spare tire secured in the factory location is necessary to achieve police-rated 75-mph rear-impact crash-test performance attributes.

Standard Hybrid/AWD Powertrain

The simple fact is this: Police vehicles spend a lot of time idling on the job. That's what makes the standard hybrid powertrain on the Police Interceptor Utility ideal for law enforcement. On-board electrical equipment can be powered using the lithium-ion hybrid battery, allowing the gasoline engine to shut off - running only intermittently to charge the battery. The standard hybrid AWD drivetrain provides improved handling stability and traction in all driving conditions. It also offers significant improvements in fuel economy and reduced engine idle time (compared with the previous model), along with across-the-board improvements in performance and capability.

Responsive to Your Budget

Purpose-built for the police duty cycle, the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility's hybrid powertrain can offer significant potential fuel savings compared to that of traditional police vehicles. Its lithium-ion hybrid battery can also provide added benefits when considering the unique idling demands of day-to-day police use. See just how these potential savings can benefit your community by using this convenient calculator.

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